Apparel Merchandising Handbook – 訊通展覽公司

Apparel Merchandising HandbookA Technical Guide for Practitioners;

A Working Master’s Guidance to Merchandisers

Hong Kong is one of the global key apparel purchasing centre. To cope with the environment changes and development, the practice on commercial product sales promotion has changed from OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturing to ODM- Original Development Manufacturing.

In the clothing industry, merchandisers, purchasers and manufacturers often come into contact with buyers’ material specifications, product standards, terms about garment, fabric, trimming and accessory materials. Currently, buyers’ concern about product integrity, compliance, social responsibility, environmental and other issues management are increasingly stringent. Apart from conversant with commercial and market information, merchandisers should have good insight about technical limitations and smart processing.

As garment production is mostly conducted overseas, practitioners in Hong Kong may not be convenient for gaining intensive knowledge about manufacturing. The “Apparel Merchandising Handbook” can help rationalizing product knowledge in preference to manufacture knowledge. The purpose is to offer help to practitioners such that they can arm themselves to know well the product development and merchandising.

About the author Walter Lai


  • Higher Diploma in Textile Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing Technology
  • Associate of The Society of Dyers and Colourists
  • Degree of Master of Science in Polymer Science, University of Bradford, UK

Working experience:

  • Has acquired over thirty years working experience in apparel industry. Started as trainee in woven, knitted fabric mills on research and development, laboratory colour matching, quality testing on yarn, fabric and finished goods.
  • In-charged the operation of a commercial textile testing house; provided in-house training for garment manufacturers
  • Technical support for Group company on wet processing, material management, pre-production mills evaluation; joined the overseas study tours about garment manufacturing.
  • Currently engaged as consultant on garment making factory, environmental concern, restricted substance list, compliance, sustainability, etc.

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