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Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo • Hong Kong
2023/6/20 - 23
AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong


Exhibition Introduction

Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo

  Established in 1985, Paper Communication Exhibition Services (Paper Communication) is a one-stop professional exhibition organizer. “Hong Kong Linkage – International Machinery Exhibition” was debuted in March 1989 upon the completion Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. With China’s participation in the WTO, and the industry moved northward, Paper Communication’s exhibition business has expanded to China and Southeast Asia, and “Linkage” has been renamed DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo.


  At present, DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo has been recognized by UFI, and is one of the most iconic large-scale international exhibitions in the industry. It promotes the advanced manufacturing technology and industrial development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, bringing together the world’s top high-precision machinery and equipment, industrial automation, industry 4.0, 5G technology, robots, smart factory solutions, die-casting, foundry, precision injection molding, 3D printing, Industrial Internet, auto parts, molds, accessories and new materials, etc. Exhibitors come from Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, the United States, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more. The exhibition covers high-end manufacturing enterprises and gathers 1,500 exhibitors, with the exhibition area of 200,000 square meters, attracting more than 110,000 visitors and buyers from over 10 countries and regions.

DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo•Hong Kong

  The HKSAR Government is committed to promoting the development of innovation and technology, setting up a HKD 10 billion “Industry-Academia-Research 1+ Plan” to expand the talent pool, build a smart Hong Kong, integrate into national development, and develop Hong Kong into an international innovation and technology hub. In addition, the government has allocated HK$2 billion into the Innovation and Technology Fund to establish the “Re-industrialization Funding Scheme” to provide subsidies for manufacturers who set up smart production lines in Hong Kong; establish advanced manufacturing facilities in industrial parks so as to encourage more high value-added and high-tech manufacturers setting up factories in Hong Kong. The re-industrialization of Hong Kong through the development of smart manufacturing technologies can reduce the dependence of the Hong Kong economy on the service industry.


  With more than 30 years of experiences in organizing industrial exhibitions and close connection with major professional associations, “Paper Communication” has become a bridge for the industrial and economic development of Hong Kong and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. In 2023, “Paper Communication” will organize the “DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo•Hong Kong” at the Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo. The exhibition themes include innovative technology, smart manufacturing, re-industrialization and more, and are in line with the HKSAR policies on promoting scientific research, attracting investment and talents, and broadening the horizons of young people.


Scope of Exhibits

Smart Manufacturing

  • Robot
    Welding robot, spraying robot, handling robot, assembly robot, intelligent storage robot and system, drive system
  • Transmission and Sensing Devices
    Precision speed reducers, controllers, servo motors, stepper motors, fixtures/grippers, cylinders and hydraulic cylinders, machine vision systems and components, linear motion/rail equipment, ball splines, ball screws and connecting rods
  • Industrial Automation Core Intelligent System
    Assembly and handling system/linear positioning system, industrial image processing system, industrial computer communication, network and field bus system, embedded system, sensor and actuator, industrial measurement and testing system, industrial automation data acquisition and identification system, laser technology, automation services, air compression technology and equipment
  • Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Components
    Electrical system transformers, batteries and uninterruptible power supplies, servo motors and frequency converters, bearings, gears, couplings and other transmission components, mechanical drive systems, wire and cable accessories/connectors, wiring harnesses, electrical switching devices and equipment for electrical control systems, electrical and optical components, electrical and electrical testing and inspection equipment, various factory automation components, etc.
  • Intelligent Logistics AGV Products and Systems
    All kinds of AGV cars, automatic navigation vehicles, laser navigation vehicles, AGV automated logistics equipment and systems, intelligent storage systems, etc.
  • Industrial Assembly and Non-standard Equipment Customization
    Electronic intelligent equipment, laser automation equipment, robot integration applications, intelligent assembly and transmission equipment, feeding and connection technology, drive-control-test system, tooling fixtures, customized non-standard machines for various industries, etc.
  • Smart Manufacturing Total Solution
    Industry 4.0 solutions, integrated solutions for application industries (automotive assembly, auto parts production, welding, 3C, machine tools, home appliances, packaging, medicine, food, logistics, etc.), robot workstations, robot intelligent production lines, etc.


Innovation & Technology•Reindustrialisation

  • Metal Forming
  • Diecasting, Foundry
  • Precision Injection Molding
  • 3D Printing
  • Industrial Internet
  • Autoparts
  • Molds, accessories and new materials


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➭ China Machinery Industry Federation ➭ China Metal Cutting Tool Engineering Association
➭ China Association of Plant Engineering ➭ China Association for Mechatronics Technology & Application
➭ China Communications Industry Association ➭ Contemporary Service Platform for Integration of Informatization & Industrialization
➭ China Robot Industry Alliance ➭ 中国工业园区节能环保循环产业联盟
➭ China Hardware and Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce ➭ Association of Japan Plastics Machinery (JPM)
➭ Korea Tools Industry Cooperative ➭ Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries (FITMI)
➭ Hong Kong Foundry Association ➭ Hong Kong Plastic Machinery Association
➭ Hong Kong Electro-Plating Merchants Association ➭ Hong Kong 3D Printing Association
➭ Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association ➭ Hong Kong Mould and Product Technology Association
➭ Hong Kong Screw & Fastener Council ➭ Hong Kong Metal Merchants Association
➭ Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association ➭ Hong Kong (SME) Economic and Trade Promotional Association
➭ IOT HK Association ➭ World Hakka Association Hong Kong Branch
➭ PRD Council ➭ Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry
➭ Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association ➭ 海峡两岸穗台青年创业中心
➭ Society of Advanced Molding Technology ➭ Shanghai Die & Mould Trade Association (SDMTA)
➭ Shanghai Association of Die & Mould (SADM) ➭ Guangdong Die & Mould Industry Association (GDMA)
➭ Guangdong Machinery & Mold Technology Association ➭ Guangdong Machine Tools Measuring & Cutting Tools Chamber of Commerce
➭ Guangdong Compressor Association ➭ Guangdong Province Industrial Park Association
➭ Alliance of Industrial Internet (Guangdong) ➭ Guangdong Robotics Association
➭ Guangdong Industrial Design Association ➭ Guangdong Abrasive Professional Committee
➭ Guangdong Plastics Industry Association ➭ Guangdong Automotive Purchasing Chain
➭ The Chamber of Hardware & Electronic of Guangdong Province ➭ Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry Association
➭ Shenzhen Die & Mold Technology Society ➭ Shenzhen Association for Vacuum Technology Industries
➭ Shenzhen Diecasting Industry Association ➭ Shenzhen Terminal Electronics Industry Association
➭ Shenzhen Intelligent Equipment Industry Association ➭ Shenzhen BaoAn Mould Industry Association
➭ Shenzhen Modern Material Association ➭ Shenzhen Mobile Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association
➭ Fastener Association of Shenzhen ➭ Shenzhen Toys Industry Association
➭ Shenzhen Information Industry Association ➭ Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Industry Association
➭ Guangzhou Machine Tool Industry Association ➭ Guangzhou Mould Industry Association
➭ Ningbo Mould Industry Association ➭ Xiamen Die & Mould Industry Association
➭ Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association ➭ Wuhan Association of Environmental Protection Industry
➭ Association of Environmental Protection and Ecology in Zhuhai City ➭ Zhuhai Manufacturers Association (ZMA)
➭ Zhuhai Advanced Equipment Manufacturers Association ➭ Dongguan Machinery Association
➭ Electronics Information Industry Association of Dongguan ➭ International Industrial Alliance of Smart Phone and Mobile Terminal
➭ Dongguan-Shenzhen Industrial Cooperation Promotion Association ➭ Dongguan Hardware Mechanical & Electric Chamber of Commerce
➭ Dongguan Numerical Control Cutting Association ➭ Dongguan City Jiangsu Changzhou Chamber of Commerce
➭ Dongguan Bosum Technology Enterprise Service Center ➭ Dongguan Hardware & Accessories Industry Association
➭ Dongguan Guancheng Electronic Commerce Association ➭ Dongguan Industrial Automation Association
➭ Dongguan Intelligent Manufacturing Association ➭ Dongguan Machinery & Mould Industry Association
➭ Hardware – Machinery Mould Association of Dongguan ➭ Dongguan Mask & Equipment Industry Association
➭ Dongguan Digital Industry ➭ FoShan Mould Trade Association
➭ Foshan Nanhai Mould Industry Association ➭ Foshan Machinery and Equipment Industry Association
➭ Foshan Shunde Lunjiao Machinery Accessories Chamber of Commerce ➭ Zhongshan Xiaolan Intelligent Equipment Manufacturers Association
➭ Huizhou Association of Environmental Protection Industry ➭ Suzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association
➭ Suzhou Trade Association of Cutting Tools ➭ Wenzhou Mould Association
➭ Changzhou Xixiashu Toolings Association ➭ Kunshan CNC Tools Association
➭ Zhangjiagang Plastic Beverage Machinery Association ➭ Wenling Measuring & Cutting Tools Industry Association
➭ Yueqing Automation Industry Association ➭ Qinghe County CNC Cutting Tool Association
➭ 3D Printing Medical Devices Committee of CAMDI ➭ Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.
➭ Dongguan Stamping Information Technology Co., Ltd. ➭ Shenzhen Promotion Association for Small & Medium Enterprises
➭ Shenzhen Sensors and Intelligent Instrumentation Industry Association ➭ Shenzhen Baoan Industrial Internet Association
➭ Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency ➭ Shenzhen 3D Printing Association
➭ Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association ➭ Guangzhou Sheet Metal Industry Association
➭ Guangzhou Sheet Metal Industry Association ➭ Dongguan Health Protective Products Industry Association
➭ 深圳市中日經濟文化交流促進會 ➭ 深圳市工業互聯網行業協會
➭ Shenzhen Foreign Economic Trade and Investment Development Promotion Association ➭ Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Productivity Service Alliance (GBAPA)
➭ Hong Kong Quality Management Association

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